iStock_000017957774_LargeAhhh……… that wonderful feeling of having a great massage or getting some profound energy work. Especially if you’re in pain or are anxious or depressed, there is nothing better!

Body workers are some of the most caring people in the world. They’ve studied extensively to provide a healing and relaxing experience for their clients. But sometimes things happen.

A client may feel your work has made their situation worse, someone slips getting off the table, another has a reaction to your massage lotion … a myriad of things that can all add up to costing you more in time and money than you’d ever want to think about.


As a professional in the massage and bodywork world, get




Coverage wherever you workHiRes

Licensed in all 50 US states as well as the District of Columbia.

Covers you in any location you practice, whether it’s in your office, a clinic, a client’s home, your home, a massage center, spa, resort, convention, corporate office, airport, or retirement center. lf your practice moves to another location or even to another state, your policy moves with you.


Same day proof of insurance

No quotes. No hassles. Just sign up online or give our staff a call, and we we’ll gladly assist you.  Proof of insurance will be emailed, faxed, or mailed back to you within minutes with coverage starting the day after you join. Coverage can be future dated up to 90 days.


Occurrence coverage to protect you from late-filed claims

Even if your policy period has expired, you receive coverage for any incident that happened within your policy period provided that your state’s statute of limitations has not expired. This is far better coverage than policies that only protect you if your policy has not lapsed.  


Quality A Rated Coverage

Our insurance carrier is the established A rated U.S. Fire Insurance Company, incorporated in 1824, with headquarters in Morristown, NJ offering health insurance services nationwide. There are no deductibles (money you’re responsible for) to any claims, and claims are processed quickly and efficiently.


$1,000,000 Comprehensive Coverage

Although most claims are settled easily and swiftly, if you happen to be involved in a lawsuit, an experienced attorney will represent you if needed. Whatever the outcome, our policy pays for all defense costs, such as legal fees and court costs, and up to policy limits for any judgments involving claims or allegations in the following areas:


General Liability Aggregate $3,000,000

Your individual policy will pay up to $3,000,000 per policy-year for claims made against you by your clients for any injuries to them due to your work. Professional liability is included.   


Premises Liability Aggregate $3,000,000

Your individual policy will pay up to $3,000,000 per policy-year for claims made against you by your clients for any injuries that occur at your place  of work, such as  slipping on the floor or tripping over a cord.


Product Liability Aggregate $3,000,000

You individual policy will pay up to $3,000,000 per policy-year for  claims made against you by your clients for damage or injury resulting from a product you manufacture or use, such as oils,  lotions, scents, etc.


Personal and Advertising Liability Aggregate $3,000,000

You individual policy will pay up to $3,000,000 per policy-year for claims made against you by your clients for such things as libel, slander, infringement of privacy,and false advertising.


Each Incident $1,000,000

Your individual policy will pay up to $1,000,000 per incident for each claim made against you by your clients.


Rental/Fire Damage $ 300,000

Your individual policy will pay up to $300,000 for fire damage to the premises you rent for your work as well as any water damage caused in putting out the fire.


Extended Business Coverage with Additional Insureds

  • This is a personal policy issued in your name, and if you are the sole proprietor (even  doing business under a business name) then your business is fully insured. 
  • If your business is a partnership, LLC, or a corporation, then you and your business associates will want to add the business name to your coverage in the event that a claim is made against you and the business.  
  • Your business name, a landlord, employer, or venue — what the industry terms an Additional Insured —  can be added to your policy to extend the protection to these individuals or organizations for just $10 each.  For example, if you had a claim against both you and a conference center where you were doing a massage, both of you would be covered if the conference center was added as an Additional Insured on your policy.
  • Additional Insureds do not cover any other individuals such as your employees, subcontractors, your spouse, friends, or other massage therapists.


Policy Exclusions

  • Hot stones unless you have 100 hours of training in hot stones
  • Any massage using implements other than the body
  • Manipulations or adjustments of the human skeletal structure; diagnosis, prescriptions, or any other service, procedure or therapy that requires a license to practice chiropractic, osteopathy, physical therapy, podiatry, orthopedics and/or any other profession or branch of medicine
  • Psychological or related therapies
  • Sexual misconduct, inappropriate touch, communicable diseases


Reporting a Claim

Contact us as soon as you get notice of a claim. We will then take all the information needed for the insurance company to handle your case. There is no cost to you, and cases are settled with ease.



We respect the privacy of our members and are committed to protecting your information. We obtain the minimum personal information needed to provide you our services, and we do not share or sell your information to anyone else.


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