Member Requirements


Completion of a minimum of 100 hours of training or 5
years of hands on experience.

All federal, state, and local requirements where you practice must be met.  CEU requirements are the same as the state you practice in


The membership insurance policy is a very extensive one. Our members come from all massage backgrounds and practice numerous methods. Among them are:

AcupressureJin Shin JyutsuRussian Massage
AromatherapyKinesiologySeated Massage
BioenergeticsLomilomi MassageShiatsu
Bowen TechniqueLooyen WorkSoma Neuromuscular Integration
Canadian Deep Muscle MassageLymph System MassageSpiritual Touch
Chair MassageMedical MassageSports Massage
Core EnergeticsMyofascialStructural Integration
Craniosacral TherapyMyotherapySwedish Massage
Cross Fiber MassageNeuromuscular TherapyThai Massage
Deep Muscle MassageOrtho-BionomyTherapeutic Touch Massage
Emotional Freedom TechniquePfrimmer Deep MuscleTouch for Health
Esalen MassagePolarityTrager Therapy
Facial Massage Postural IntegrationTrauma Touch Therapy
Feng ShuiPregnancy MassageTrigger Point
Healing TouchRebalancingTuina Medical
Hydrotherapy Massage
ReikiZero Balancing
Infant Massage
RolfingZone Therapy
Integrative MassageRubenfeld Synergy Method



* If your modality is not listed, just check with us — we probably have something similar.

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If you, as a massage therapist, are also a yoga teacher or a fitness instructor, it would be more cost-effective for you to join our sister association at where you can get dual coverage.